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Innovation and experience is what we offer to boost your business. We’ve been operating in the hotel industry for 30 years. We introduced CD Rom image sharing in 1992 for hotel chains and 360 video content in 2017 for a unique user experience.

2018 is about personalising your communication to customers with dynamic content and media using automated marketing tools.

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Hotel Le Chabichou

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Automated marketing

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Marketing automation gives you the power to identify your web visitors, capture unique data and initiate actions. This will enable you to prove your marketing ROI and boost overall business.

This one-to-one marketing, enables relevant contact not constant contact. We can understand the life of a customer, follow their timeline of activity and automate responses to deliver a personal message, offering or notification, that can quickly convert in to a sale.

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Quality image and film

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Our creative team at Merci are second to none when it comes to internal production operations, art direction and photographic needs. We can keep you visually alive with current trends while respecting your brand.

We have been innovating in media creation for the food sector for a long time, and can build you a strategy on how to engage with your prospective audience today.

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At Merci, we start every video project with a storyline that will evoke emotion, an identity and purpose. It's why we spend delicate time writing treatments with directors, to deliver the highest quality film for your brand. 

Emotion makers

Analyse the benefits

Analyse the benefits

Analyse the benefits

Your campaigns and communication should always evoke an emotional response. We are avid storytellers and use storytelling to bring your brand to life.

Contact us today, we can help write your story, plan your project and publish your campaign effectively.

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